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The fabric of our culture and the framework for all decisions made.

  • Passion.
  • When you love what you do, time is irrelevant.
  • Adventure.
  • Dare to be different and embrace where it takes you.
  • Limitless.
  • Just because it’s impossible for them doesn’t mean it’s impossible for you.
  • Simple.
  • Any goal can be accomplished with a domino of easy tasks executed.
  • Grit.
  • Relentless hard work makes anything possible.

Where it all started

Hi, my name is Sal Hakim. I’d like to sincerely thank you for visiting my Digital Agency. In 2007 I started my career doing sales at a small Seattle based eCommerce company. My first hands-on project was really an accident. However looking back, it was monumental in my journey here.

My client had been struggling to get her inventory on Froogle, better known today as Google shopping. Every week she’d spend days structuring her product feed only to get a third of the inventory listed.

At that time, the platform we used didn’t have the capability to take massive amounts of data and compile it to Google’s standards. I spent time coming up with a solution. A week later, I shared an excel sheet built-in with some macros that automated the job to less than 15 minutes for the entire inventory. 

Ever since then I’ve been passionate about solving problems to grow businesses. One of the best feelings is sharing knowledge and seeing the other person react with “Wow”. It’s priceless. 

Why did you open an agency?

I opened the agency with more purpose than money or my love for design. It’s a platform to bring the best out of people. It starts with our employees and extends to our clients. By tapping into everyone’s best inner-self, there’s limitless success waiting to be achieved.

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What was the inspiration behind your site theme?

My mom has always been my hero. She’s a huge sci-fi lover and got me into it. When we’re together, one of our favorite things to do is watch sci-fi shows or have discussions around topics like time, space and beyond. It’s a dedication to her.

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